Send your loved ones, friends, collegues or even your pet a personalized video with Sven-Ole Thorsen from you.

Let Sven-Ole know what the occasion is.

Perhaps a Birthday greating, a Thank You or Get Well Soon note, perhaps even a marriage proposal or seasonal greating for Christmas or Easter.

What ever the reason Sven-Ole will do a 20 to 60 second video that we will send either to you or direct to the receiver, either on email or via a mobilephone mms.


Let Sven-Ole know what to say and he will help send and unexpected surprice!


Remember to let us know the date you need it or when we should send it to the receiver and the email address or the mobile number to use - remember country code.


From your order until you receive the video you need to allow 48 hours.


Check the video exampel of how a greeting video could be.

Greeting Video

  • Make sure you let Sven know the exact name, age, occasion or anything you want him to mention in the video - We only change the video if Sven-Ole says another name or occation or wrong age to what you have mentioned!

  • You are about to order a video file that we wil send to you or to a reciever of your choice on a designated email address or phone number.